Bringing An Old Buffet Back to Life!

My absolute favourite past time in the whole world, is shopping in thrift stores, antique markets and second hand shops.  I love bringing home old, forgotten furniture, and bringing it back to life.  Only problem is that my house is beginning to look like a horders house.  I am seriously banned from bringing home any more furniture or knick knacks.  You should see me garage and basement.  Eesh.

To solve this obsession/problem, I like to shop for other people now!!!  Recently a new client/friend of mine asked me to find her a piece that looked like a piece she found at a shop, that had unfortunately sold.  A mission?!?!?  I’m on it.

After going back and forth on at least a dozen pieces, I came across this piece at a local antique shop.

I know, doesn’t look like much, but luckily my new client/friend has VISION!!!  And immediately, we both knew this was “the one”.  I picked it up the next day, and here it is today.

Here it is in her home! Perfect 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bringing An Old Buffet Back to Life!

  1. Hey Cait!!!! Cousin Kelly here, looking to refinish the top of an old painted dresser….going to strip the paint and seal the top bare while distressing the rest of the piece. How did you seal the top of this piece? varnish? Stain? etc….Just looking for some tips as I admire your work! 🙂 so talented

  2. Hey cuz! For this piece, I sanded down the top 3 different times. Each time with a finer grit sand paper. It gave it a nice, smooth finish. Then. I stained it using an Old American colour stain. I gave it 3 coats of that. Then I used a poly seal… but after about 2 coats of the poly (I used a water based poly), it got streaky and too shiney. It just wasn't the look I was going for. It looked too 'done'. So I sanded the poly off, stained it a couple more times, and decided to wax the top.
    I use Annie Sloan Clear Wax. It's a heavy duty sealer. I use it over all of my painted furniture. I decided to use it on the stained top as well bc it just gave it a more matte, aged look.
    For your piece, I would strip the paint, then sand it down. I start with 80 grit, then 150 then 220. Hopefully you have an electric sander so you don't have to kill yourself doing it by hand.
    Then go from there – see how it looks and decided the 'look' that you are trying to acheive. You may need to stain it. Who know what condition the word is in.
    Send me pics any time and I can help you out along the way! My email is I'll PM you my cell number if you want to text me pics.
    Can't wait to see how it turns out. I hope I helped!
    xo CAIT

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