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DIY Wall Projector

I’ve had these inspiration pictures in my files forever and have always wanted to do a hand painted tree on Grace’s wall….

Problem is, there was no way I could hand draw a tree on a wall.  I needed an overhead projector to trace the image outline on the wall, and then I could free-hand paint it in.  Where on earth do I get an overhead projector?  I could buy one, but they are $300+.  No thanks.  I had some generous offers from some friends and family to borrow one from their office, but if you know me in the slightest, I want it NOW.  Can’t wait until tomorrow, so I’ll have to make-shift one.  
Turns out, I’m a genius and my make shift overhead projector, is now an awesome DIY that I want to share with everyone.
Step 1: Find an image you like, and print it out.  Here’s mine!
Step 2:  Trace the image on a translucent sheet, using a black permanent marker.  I used a sharpie I had laying around.  For the paper you can use a plastic page protector (from the dollar store), or anything translucent you can think of.  I used a laminator page.  I just ran it through my laminator to make it clear.
Step 3:  Tape your page to a box that is open on either end and a suitable size for your page.

Step 4: Bust out your iPhone and download the flashlight app!!!  It just happens to be the perfect amount of light.  I tried a lamp without the lampshade, and it was too much.  The light needs to be tiny and bright.  I suppose a keychain type flashlight will work too, but let’s face it, we all have these stupid phones.
Step 5: Set up your make-shift projector on a table, and project your image on the wall.  I had to prop my iPhone up with something – James’s toy car was within reach.  Fiddle around with everything until you get your image just right on the wall.  (Don’t forget to turn out the lights)

Step 6:  Trace your image with a piece of chalk.  It rubs off easy once complete.
Step 7: Paint!!!  I used acrylic craft paint and it took me about 4 coats to get it nice and thick.
See how smart I am???

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