For Little Miss “S”… fingers crossed she likes this one!

I had to sleep on it… The other 2 concepts just weren’t screaming at me.  But this one does!!!! The little girl’s Mom mentioned an old vanity in her basement that was peach… the second I heard the word “Peach”, I got inspired.  I love the look of Peach, Aqua and Coral.  Soooo pretty. Hope she goes for it?!?!

For Little Miss “S”

I’ll come up with a couple more ideas tomorrow… for right now, there is an ice cold MGD calling my name

Burlington Bungalow – Interior Ideas

Made a stop at the Burlington Bungalow this week.  The owners have moved in and decided to stay for a bit so they gave me a call to help them sort out the interior design.  They have quite a mish mash of styles in there, so I’ve come up with a few ideas to create a better flow.   We…

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DIY Wall Projector

I’ve had these inspiration pictures in my files forever and have always wanted to do a hand painted tree on Grace’s wall…. Problem is, there was no way I could hand draw a tree on a wall.  I needed an overhead projector to trace the image outline on the wall, and then I could free-hand paint it in.  Where on…

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Grace’s Room Reveal

Grace’s room is finally complete and I couldn’t be happier.  Especially since I completed the entire room for just $250 BUCKS!!!! It’s exactly what I would have wanted as  a 5 year old!!!  One day she wanted a fashion room, the next a dance room.  So I plunked in a full length mirror and an iPod filled with pop songs.…

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Getting Started on GG’s Room

This week I have slowly been starting Grace’s room.  I’m trying so hard to stay on budget and and complete her room for under $200 bucks.  So far, so good!  The last few days I’ve done some shopping and today I prepped the walls.  I’ll probably start painting Monday while the kids are at VBS.  I am so excited to…

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