Repurposing Antique Farm Shutter

When we lived on the farm, Ryan found this old shutter in the barn we eventually burned down.  I have a feeling it was original to the farm house.  So it must be over 100 years old.  Ohhhh, I love stuff like that!!  
Anyway, I love, and miss my stupid farm and this is one of my favourite pieces from it.  I decided to add it to my powder room because of it’s scale.  But first, I had to add my own touch.
I wanted to incorporate chicken wire and some fabric.  So first I gathered my supplies.

Measured out the chicken and cut it to size

Stapled it to the back of the shutter – I didn’t want to use too many staples.

 Now I have to decide – no fabric, fabric???

Going with the ikat from my moms.

Shit balls.  I hate it.
Remove the fabric….
Much better.

 Who doesn’t want to look at my adorable babies while they pee 🙂