Burlington Bungalow – Powder room

One of my favourite rooms to design is the powder room – which you may have heard me say before!  And what else have I always said?  ‘Powder rooms are MADE for wallpaper’. 

Well, in my burlington bungalow I get to design a dream powder room. I have room for a large vanity and very little guideline.  My rules from Mr.Client….
1. Porcelain floors (I may push for hardwood)
2. Modern

I found these wall mounted vanities at Lowes for $500 bucks or so.  I’m sooooo using it…. Buuuuuuut I also have some great options from Rona…. And if those don’t work out, I’ll just do a custom one!

These are some very preliminary Look Books.  I’ll probably end up doing something completely different, but, for fun, thought I’d share what’s in my brain.

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