Burlington Bungalow – Ensuite Con’t!!!

Had a chat with the contractor today, and sounds like he’s leaning towards a more modern ensuite now.    From what I gather, he still wants to stay traditional enough for resale, but with a modern twist. YESSS!!!  I get to bust out my second best friend (of course Pinot is first)… Carrara Marble.

It’s a traditional enough material, and I can play with tile size and pattern to make it chic and modern.  I wish I knew where I was purchasing tile now, so I could go and see what my selection is like.  Hopefully, by next week I can take a trip out to the supplier and scope it out.
We have also decided that it would be best for me to design custom vanities for the ensuite and powder room.  Custom isn’t always more expensive as in this case.  So, that’s what I’ll be working on this week.  So cool to design a piece of furniture and then watch it come to life!!!
Anyway, just whipped up this inspiration to get a sense of my new direction for the ensuite.
Home Decor Idea Board

Bathroom Vanity
A little inspiration shot always gets my creative juices flowing