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Recreating an Inspiration Room

Have you ever looked at a designer room and thought “I want that!” but
are too intimidated to attempt it yourself?  Well, there is no reason to
be afraid!  Everyone is capable of creating the home of their dreams
within a reasonable budget.

All you need to do is break down the room’s elements, and piece your
space together, while working with what you already have and new pieces
within your budget.  I’ll show you how, with my weekly post called “Recreating an Inspiration Room”

This powder room is beautiful.  And the reason I picked it this week it because it can easily be interpreted by any personality.
Patterson Construction Corp.

You can make this room yours by keeping all the elements the same, except for the wall colour.  Picture this in a soft yellow to give a more country look.  A pale grey for a little industrial vibe.  Or red, for a bold statement.  Whatever colour you choose, this powder room is designer quality, but attainable.

Let’s pick it apart.

The most important piece in this bathroom is the vanity.  It’s really what defines the space.  I believe this specific one is from Waterworks.   You can see how the faucets are in the wall, which means this was a major gut job.  The pluming work would have had to be done behind the walls.  Since most of us are just doing a cosmetic uplift in our powder rooms, purchase a prefabricated vanity, with faucet hole pre-cut.
Gramercy Wash Stand.  Restoration Hardware.  $1895
On to the wall covering.  This specific wall covering is a Phillip Jeffries wall covering.  I’ve heard they can cost upwards of $800 a roll.  So, I’ve looked at some alternatives.  Think wall stencil!!!
Moroccan Wall Stencil.  Cutting Edge Wall Stencils.  $39.95
And imagine all the colour combos you could do.

Charcoal & White or Silver

Pink & White

White & Gray

White and Green

Orange and White

Black & White or Silver

Beige & White

I love sconces in a powder room.  This is an easy fix if you have just a vanity fixture.  Just call an electrician and he can change it to 2 sconces.  But make sure you know exactly where you want them before you call.  I made that mistake in my Waterford house, and had the sconces installed way too high.  It looked hilarious.  Get your vanity and mirror first, just to be sure!

The sconces in the inspiration room run for about $540 – without the shade.

Always shop around for the pieces you aren’t willing to splurge on.
Aberdeen wall sconce.  Lighting Universe.  $199

Mirror – Big Box stores always have stuff like this for a good deal.  Always double check the size before you order.  I’ve also made that mistake before!!  In a powder room, get as big as you can!

Mirror.  Home Depot.  $55.99

Have you heard of this crazy new trend?  Ceramic or Porcelain tiles that look like wood.  Generally sold in 6″ or 8″ x  20″ or 36″, these tiles have the look of hardwood, but the function of ceramic or porcelain.  Perfect for a powder room, and perfect for installing in this gorgeous herringbone pattern.

6″ x 20″ Wood Ceramic Floor Tile.

Wood Effect Ceramic Tiles

The last element in this room is the molding.  The gorgeous, over-the-top, perfect molding.  Even the window in decked out in amazing molding.  If you want molding like this room, do yourself a favour and call a carpenter.  But, if you are willing to take it down a knotch, there are so many DIY tutorials out there.

DIY Paneled Wall – Decor Chick

DIY Wainscoting – Karen at Home

Or you can look into purchasing these convienient Wainscoting kits (I may do this in my hallway!  Stay tuned!).  Elite Moldings has every thing!!!!

Elite Moldings

Good Luck!!

Copryright House&Canvas 2018.