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Dollar Store Candle Craft (FAIL!)

You can’t win them all my friends – this is my first (shared) craft fail.

My original idea came from this post on Glitter Guide which I found on Pinterest.
Double sided tape + glitter = easy, cute, glittered stuff.

I wanted to make 2 vases for my Christmas dinner table.

First step – collect everything you need from the Dollar Store!

– Vase
– Double sided tape
– Glitter
– Epsom salts

I wanted 2 stripes of red glitter on each vase.  I was paranoid I would tape completely uneven and waste a whole roll of tape, so, I used a stripe of painters tape as a guide.  Then did a row of double sided tape above and below the green tape. Nice and even!

Next, I went bananas with glitter.  It stuck no problem to the double sided tape.  Very good idea Glitter Guide!!

Next, fill your vase with epsom salts – it looks like snow!!!
Then add some cute candles and ta da.  Dollar Store craft at it’s best.

Not happy with how they turned out.  I like how the glitter stuck to the tape – very cool tip for future crafts, but these just ended up looking cheezy. 

I ripped off the glitter tape, and now here they are on my festive table.  Nice and plain.  And now I like them.

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