Decorating for Christmas – No Thanks!

Want to see my house all decked out for Christmas??  Get ready, it’s pretty magical.

Yup, that’s it.  (errr, and it kills me to post a picture of my house with that horrible pink brick.  I WILL be fixing that in the summer… paint, stucco, siding.  I dunno, but it will be gone!!!!)

Anyway, I went through all of my old stuff and wrapped my white and blue lights around my tree, but then I took them down because they looked dumb.  Then I bought a ton of white icicle lights and put the around my portico.  Took those down too.  They looked dumb.  Now all I have is some junky white and blue lights in my tiny bushes, and my old twig boughs on my doors.

I really want to put the white icicle lights along my eavestrough, but it’s so damn cold I don’t want to climb on the roof or bust out the 30ft latter. 

I also wanted to hang a green wreath with a red bow in each of my windows, but that means I’d have to buy 9 wreaths.  Home Depot had some on sale for just $6 bucks, but I got there too late and they were all gone.  Meh, forget it.

I’ve also been shopping like crazy for some nice new wreaths for my front doors, but seriously, I can’t find a single one that I really like for a decent price.  I am too picky. 

So, I apologize neighbours, but unfortunately this is as good as it gets this year.  Hopefully I’ll be a bit more inspired next year.

I think my problem is 2 things.  One, I’ve moved so many bloody times that I have never been able to fully decorate a house for Christmas.  Therefore I’ve never added anything to my Christmas decoration collection.  I had to throw out all of my garland one year (when we were on McCurdy crt.) because it was full of mouse poop.  Last year I didn’t even have decorations on my tree because we were in the Jarvis house waiting for our Waterford house to be complete.  We’ve never been settled in a home long enough to really want to be festive.  ~~tear~~

And, two, the exterior of this house still irritates the heck out of me and so I am so not inspired to decorate it.  I really need to do something about that pink brick.

Next year folks, I promise.

On a happy note, here are some inspiring homes all decorated for Christmas.  Me = Jealous.

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