Recreating an Inspiration Room

Rememeber this from last week?

“Have you ever looked at a designer room and thought “I want that!” but are too intimidated to attempt it yourself?  Well, there is no reason to be afraid!  Everyone is capable of creating the home of their dreams within a reasonable budget.

All you need to do is break down the room’s elements, and piece your space together, while working with what you already have and new pieces within your budget.  I’ll show you how, with my new weekly post called “Recreating an Inspiration Room””

On to Week 2….

I love a beautiful dining room!  This one has such a luxurious and romantic feel.  I’d live here!!!

Ellen Grasso & Sons

 Let’s recreate this room!  First thing is to break down all of the elements in the room, recreate them and put them back all together.

Always start with the paint!  I LOVE this colour!  I’d use it in every room of my house 😉

Benjamin Moore, Palladian Blue

Next go to your light fixture.  In a dining room, your light fixture can be a piece of art.  You can never be too over the top or dramatic…. although don’t forget, the more drama, the more moula!!

Dauphin Chandelier (shown here in antique white.  picture shows gold), Curry & Company. $4700(approx.)

Even for Curry & Co., I can’t imagine spending $4700 on this fixture!!!  And you know what, you don’t have to.  In this room, the key is colour and scale.  The gold in the fixture is creating a dramatic colour story, and the size of the fixture is really making a statement.

Go shopping!  Find something grand, in a similar colour…. and make sure you like it!  Don’t buy a light fixture just becuase it “goes”.  But it because you like it!!!

Platinum Rings Chandelier.  Shades Of Light.  $999

6 Light beaded chandelier.  Union Lioghting.  $859
5 Light Contemporary Chandelier.  Union Lighting  $949
Dining room tables can cost a fortune.  Before heading to the store to purchase a new one, take a look at your current piece.  Can you restain it yourself?  Could you hire someone to restain it?  Consider painting it black.  Also consider looking on sites like Craigs List and Kijiji for a new table.  Buying a used one and refinishing it can save you hundreds or even thousands.

Or just buy a new one 😉

Pedestal Table by Hooker Furniture.  Stoney Creek Furniture.  $1407.99

Curved Upholstered Chairs.   West Elm.  $208

In a room like this, there is no way you’ll be able to find ready made curatain panels long enough.  You’ll have to by fabric by the yard and sew them yourself, or have them sewn.  
Robert Allen Linen Duck Natural.  $11.98/yd
However, the bamboo shade are available everywhere these days.  Check Bouclair, Lowes, or Home Depot.  The’ll cut them to size for you.
Bamboo Shades.  From $32.99

The floor mirror in the inspiration shot screamed “Home Sense” to me!!!!  Can alway find floor mirrors there for $100-200.  But I love this one from Restoration Hardware.  Simple but stately.

Mirror, Restoration Hardware.  $850

  If you have a room that you’d like me to recreate, email me!!!  You can even send me a picture of your current room that you were thinking of redecorating and I can help!  And, I can feature you on this blog! 🙂 Cait