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Entry Way is Complete!!!

Have you ever been to  Some times I post questions on the discussion boards just to get my creative juices flowing, or when I am being indecisive.  A few weeks ago, I posted a question about my foyer.  Here’s what I wrote:

Need Help Designing Front Entry
Looking for some design suggestions for my entry way.
I posted pictures of how it looks everyday – A MESS!
I wanted to be honest in how it looks all of the time so I
can get some real suggestions on how to clean it up
and organize!!!
We just moved in in June, and as you can see, we just
 installed a new front door. I wanted to really brighten up
 the space. We also just had all of our electrical redone,
so the entry way is missing a light fixture. The ceilings are
only 8′, so I can’t do anything hanging too low.
I’d like to get a new piece of furniture, but I am also up to
painting the bench that is there now.
Are there any chic hall trees?? Or are they just tacky???
I love warm spaces. I’m into geige walls, mixed with rustic
red and black pieces. But I find myself resisting that look,
 since it can be quite dark.
I love the look of grey walls, with white furniture and
 chrome or nickle fixtures, but I have kids, so I want the
space to be liveable and not too cold.
Just having a hard time defining the space and getting
a real ‘look’. 

(Before pics)

Majority of the responses were genuine and helpful, but then, there was this one:

despinachYou do have a very nice space to work with, but there is absolutely
no excuse for you or your children to just throw shoes and clothes
away like that… I find it wrong to believe that this is so just because
you still don’t have the right hall tree or the right bench…

Oh boy, I laughed hard.  It was a little douche-like to write that, but at the end of the day, he was right.  So I got to work!!

Here’s what I did for my little, messy, monkeys.  I sacrificed an entire hall closet for them!

 I just drilled in 4 hooks for the kids and labeled them all colourful.  They LOVE it!! They go right to the closet every day and hang up their stuff.  Works like a charm!

Then I got busy on my foyer.  (Ignore the red tape around the door.  Still haven’t put molding up.)
I really wanted this apothecary cabinet from Pottery Barn, but I’m not into blowing $1000 bucks right now on it (especially since my inherited, 16 year old Sub Zero fridge just died).  So I went shopping in my own house and remembered this cabinet I bought when I lived on the farm.  I bought it with my Mother-In-Law at a local craft show.  I love this piece and it was hidden in my dining room.  So now it has a home in the front entrance and holds a ton of stuff.

I was searching every where for a  coat rack.  I put an ad up on kijiji in the “Wanted” section, and some awesome person wrote me and told me to check out XS Cargo around the corner from me.  Sure enough, I scored this solid wood coat rack for $14 bucks and sprayed it high gloss barn red.   I LOVE red furniture!!

I bought the orb light from Concept Lighting in Burlington.  Best place ever to buy lighting.  They have the trendest pieces at awesome prices.

And I painted the entire hall Perfect Griege by Sherwin Williams.

I love how my dog is in every picture.  I can’t help it.  He won’t leave me alone all day!!!

11 thoughts on “Entry Way is Complete!!!

  1. HI – I am building a house right now and in search of lighting fixtures. I love your Orb light, but am nowhere near Concept Lighting. Any chance you could share the brand and style name? Thanks Much!

  2. Hi Cait! I saw your post from Favorite Colors and came to your website to see the whole story. When I saw your "before" pictures I was horrified. My first thought was: "That is such a beautiful home and it is completely trashed–what a great pity". It seemed to show a lack of appreciation for the bounty that you have.
    So I really resonate with the comment by the person who got you to look at things in another way. AND you did an absolutely beautiful job with your re-do: so creative adn innovative with the Kids special closet. Bravo for you!

    1. You are going to tell me that I have no appreciation for the 'bounty' I have from a measly picture of my chaotic entry way. Wow – that's judgemental, jealous BS. Find a new hobby.

  3. Don't let those comments bother you Cait. We all come from different places, and we all have different values. To be honest, I often think that about myself and my family – we built this beautiful brand new home and we still haven't tweaked it to make it fit us like a glove. If the people in the house are happy and not actually doing damage to the structure, who does it hurt?

    Besides, the house didn't look trashed in the before photos, it looked like a place where people live. And didn't run a pass before taking a picture because they wanted to show reality. I just posted reality on my blog, too… life is messy.

  4. Tammi, Thanks for the encouragement! People really hounded me about my entry way and I'm thinking "Hello, do you not USE your house"!!!!! Your house is a home, not a model!! So, glad to hear some people out there are on my side!
    I suppose I need some work on not taking things so personally!!!!
    Anyway, thanks for your comment. I'm going to pop by your blogs now!
    🙂 Cait

  5. Wow! People can be so mean….If you have kids and use your entry way, that's how it looks. Don't we all just clean up to take pictures for our blogs? I know I do. (Sometimes not even then.) I think the before looks normal and the after looks wonderful. You did a great job! And just for the record, I would love to post in Thrifty Decor Chick's foyer link but I'm a total before right now….shame on me.

  6. Love the paint color and was thinking of painting my house the same color…is it darker than in the pic? I think I may need a shade darker.

  7. The pics are pretty accurate! It's such a beautiful colour. If you want something a bit darker, you can go with SW Spalding Gray. It's a shade darker than Perfect Griege. Or, you can be bold and go even darker with Garret Gray. It's 2 shades darker and is so rich. I did it in my dining room and LOVE it!!!!

  8. Hi Cait, I know it has been a while since anyone has commented but I just have to say that your entryway looks beautiful. I especially love the paint color and light fixture. My husband and I are repainting and were leaning toward using SW Perfect Greige. We are painting our living room which gets a lot of natural light but is on the smaller side. Do you think this color may be too dark for a smaller size room? Any advise?

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