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DIY Fabric Covered Magnet Boards

I purchased these magnet boards from Ikea a few years ago, and have been meaning to hack them for a while now.

Here’s what I did!
First, collect all the stuff I need!
– Glue gun, scissors, fabric, and magnet boards

I got my fabric from Ikea for just $8.99 a meter.  I only needed one meter for this project, but I bought 2 incase I was feeling crafty in the future!

I lay out the fabric to decide how I wanted them to look.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted them to be all vertical, horizontal or diagonal.  I decided on a little mix and match!

Then I cut the fabric to size

I busted out my duck tape before my glue gun.  I figured I could just eyeball if the lines were straight.

Once I had the sides duct taped to where I wanted them, I just glued the fabric down with my hot glue gun.  No science here, just a straight line of glue.  And don’t worry, after the first burn, the rest don’t hurt that much – I got my finger good!

When you get to the corners, just pinch them like this…

Put a bead of glue on each side of the pinch and then push down

Ta Da.

Yup, there’s Marley.  He’s the “Where’s Waldo” of my blog.

A lot of my decor and craft supplies are in the toy room closet, so I like that I have a little display board of my own for paint samples and whatever else.  Too high for the kiddies to reach.  Haha.

1 thought on “DIY Fabric Covered Magnet Boards

  1. Hi there! Love the look…I'm thinking of doing the same thing. Do you find you have any issue with the fabric making the magnet board too weak for items to stay stuck to it?

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