A deal from my Favourite Store!

My most favourite store in the whole world in Tradewinds in Waterford, Ontario.  It’s a second hand shop where you can find some pretty unique treasures.  Oh, how I miss going there once a week.  Now, I just drag my mom-in-law everytime I go for a visit.  Actually, I don’t really need to ‘drag’ her, do I??? 😉

Anyway, here is my latest purchase.  It was $29.  A little pricey, but I just loved it.  I think I’ll re do it for Grace.  It’s quite small, which you can’t tell from the picture.  But, it’s a perfect kids chair.
What little girl wouldn’t love her very own Hello Kitty chair?!?!?
Or how about this for a “story-time” chair?!?!