New Carpeting

A week or so ago, Ryan and I were sitting in the kitchen, and suddenly we hear Thunk Thunk Thunk Thunk…. then silence, then screaming.  My poor baby girl slid all the way down the stairs on her bottom.  The kids were used to running up and down the wood stairs with bare feet, but now that it’s socks-season, the stairs are dangerous.  She was okay and walked away with just a good sized bruise on her bum, but that night I googled ‘carpet, burlington’ and called the first company on the list.

I called Direct Carpet Canada, and within a day, Keith Shannon (Owner/Operator) was at my house with a ton of samples to choose from.  Shopping for carpet in my home with a glass of Pinot…wicked!!!
Look, he’s famous!
And he’s also on Love It Or List It!
Just a few days later, it was installed.  Keith did it himself, so I feel confident that the carpet was inastalled propery and there was no damage to any of my walls or baseboards.  No complaints here.  

The kids are very happy!  No more sore bums!!

Thanks Keith!!!!

We had Grace’s room done as well

And the toy room!

 Carpet – please, please, please stay beautiful and clean!

I seriously just hope it lasts a while.  Nothing seems to last in this house.  Remember my beautiful DIY banquette…. Daddy was watching the kids Saturday night and the kids decided they wanted to set up the paint station themselves….
Anyway, I’m very please with my new carpeting!!

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