Plate make over!

Now that my electricians put new pot lights in my family room, it was looking dull and screaming for some attention.  I plan on painting it soon, but first I had to get it some new, fresh furniture.  I’ve been streaming kijiji and my local thrift shop for a new coffee table, but nothing has caught my eye (nothing within a reasonable amount of money any way…hello, it’s kijiji, not some estate sale.  Hate that).  Anyway, I went to good ‘ol ikea and bought the $39.99 lack coffee table.  I plan on hacking it some how in the near future.  But for now, it needed a little table top camouflage. 

I wanted to get a nice tray or something to put on top, but I am so damn cheap, I couldn’t find anything.  Then, as I was tidying my “shop” in the basement, and I found this plate that my mom bought for me for my 2nd Burlington home way back on McCurdy crt.

Perfect size, perfect texture, but man, is it ugly!!! What were we thinking??

Poor plate just needed a little help.

So I coated it with some old beige paint I had from the farm.

Let it dry over night and then added 2 coats of my handy CIL Crisp Linen

Let that dry for about 6 hours and the attacked it with my Dremel tool.

I wish I had some crackle paint on hand, because I think that would have aged it a lot better, but it was a holiday and all the stores were closed.  And when I am feeling crafty, I’m feeling crafty.  No waiting and gatta work with what I have!!

I like how it turned out.  Can’t wait to hack my coffee table.  Just have to think of a way to hack it.