New Pot Lights & ATI Electric customer review

When we purchased this house, the wiring was half aluminum and half copper.  We thought, no biggie, we had it inspected and as long as it’s safe, we can put off rewiring the place for a few years.  But, as we started replacing light fixtures, we came across a number of burnt wires in the ceiling and that was it.  We better get the wiring updated sooner than later.  Better safe than sorry.

So we hired ATI Electric based out of Burlington.  These guys have been amazing.  Very professional.  They have been in our house for over 2 weeks now, and I’m expecting them for another week.  It’s always awkward when you have strangers in your home for days upon days, but having these guys around hasn’t been bothersome at all.  They are respectful of my space, they clean up after themselves each night, and they communicate with me every morning.  Their work is detailed and meticulous. 

Check out my new pot lights….

Living room view 1

Living room view 2

Family room view 1

Family room view 2

We are also getting some new pot lights outside.  Ohhhhh, they are going to look amazing.  Can’t wait until they are done!

All in all, a great experience with these guys and would recommend them in a heart beat!