New Front Door

The biggest problem I had with this house when we first moved in was the exterior look.  This is not my favourite style of home, so I had a hard time figuring out how to update it. 

First things first, a new front door.  Just look at this thing…yuck.

Front Door

I took off the storm doors right away, and purchased a new light fixture from Sescolite Lighting in Burlington.  I knew exactly the style door I wanted, and I wanted it in Black.  The Ryan tells me he wants a red door.  I’m thinking ‘Red??…that’ll look stupid’.

So I bust out some old red paint from my front door on the farm, and paint it just to see who’s right.

Front Door

Crapper, I hate it when he’s right.  It looks great red.

So, I ordered my new door…. in red.  I ordered it through Lake City Door and Windows in Burlington.  I worked with John who was wonderful.  I told him exactly what I wanted and we custom designed it together.  Then I changed it, and changed it and changed it again and he never got pissy with me.  Great guy!  the installers had it done in about 3 hours.  Very clean and professional.

Front Door

 It took about 6 weeks to get, and cost me a small fortune, but I
couldn’t be happier.  It’s exactly what I wanted (although I am still
mad at myself I didn’t get black).

Front DoorFront Door

Front Door

 Marley and the kids love it because they can finally see through the glass!

Here is a view from the inside.  Totally brightens up my dark entry way.  My house is SO dark inside, but no any more!!!  (I know you love my high end foyer light fixture!)

Oh, and the door knobs are from Rona.  Got a wicked deal on them.  Rona brand is made by Weiser, so I didn’t feel cheap going with the house brand!!

Front Door

New shutters will be here in hopefully the next 2 weeks.  And I am painting the garage doors and portico the same colour as the window and door casings.  I think it’ll look great when I am all done!