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DIY Wall Mount Guitar Holder

 Ryan has always wanted his guitar collection mounted on wall hangers – for easy access – and to make his space feel like more of a “man space”.  Unfortunately, we’ve never lived anywhere long enough for him to have his own space…until…. NOW!!

Last week, I sacrificed a work space of my own, for Ryan to have his own, full out, man room.  So, I built him guitar hangers on the wall, just like he always wanted… love you xoxo

DIY Wall Mount Guitar Holder

First Step: Go to Home Depot and gather your supplies.
– Heavy duty screws & anchors
– Heavy duty utility wall hooks -found in the garage organiser section (make sure it wont damage the finish of your guitar).
– Some sort of wood!  Ryan bought these bull nose caps, used to cap edges of stair treads.  They were quality wood, cheap, and the perfect size.  Just over $2 bucks a piece.
– Paint – what ever you have laying around.  I used some black spray paint – it was for plastic.  No one needs to know


These things are just $2 bucks at Home Depot

I chopped the wood pieces in half using my chop saw.  They weren’t all a perfect length, and some had round edges, some have straight edges.  It really doesn’t matter since the guitar will be hiding the wood piece.  I am soooo not a perfectionist!!!

Then I painted them black..

Then I drilled holes for the screws.  I measure about an inch and a half from the end.

Then I drilled massive holes to fit the wall hook.  Wish I had a drill press for this, but my hand held drill did it’s job eventually.  You can see where the wood split a bit on the edge of the holes.  I just sanded it out nice and gave the pieces another coat of paint.

I love using painters tape to measure out hanging stuff on the wall.  I spaced the hooks about 18″ apart.

First I screwed the wall hook into the piece of wood.  Then to get them on the wall, I drilled a pilot, hammered my anchor into the wall, and screwed the piece in place.  Make sure to use a level to ensure it’s straight.

Yup, looks good.  Three more to go.  This particular wall hook is a bit big but it holds a standard guitar just fine.  Make sure that the wall hook that you get has adequate padding – an alternate step is to buy vinyl tubing from Home Depot and slide it on the hook – then cut to size.  On some more expensive guitars it might be with the extra care to make sure the goop that sometimes occurs with wall hooks – stays off the guitar.

So, here they are all up on the wall.  You can snap a chalk line or use a fancy laser lever.  I just used a 4 foot level and painters tape to line up the tops – and then used the level  to get the wall hook support bracket (the black spray painted piece of wood) – level from side to side.


Rock Star…

My son James: yells “MOMMY! The guitars are hanging up!”  He was seriously astonished.  Confidence booster for me.  Who cares if it comes from a 4 year old!



They look awesome from the hallway!


That’s it!  I never said it was rocket science!!  Way cheaper than the store bought wall hangers and they look just as good!

Each wall mount cost less than $4 bucks to make – add another $1 if you are going to be cutting vinyl hose to fit over the hook (highly recommended to protect the neck of the guitar from getting goop on it).  These retail at the store any where from $20-45 – the store bought units do have the added security of locking automatically when the instrument is placed on it – some swivel – which can be important if you are hanging a collection of guitars.  The diy wall hanger is a cheap and easy way to get your guitar collection up on the wall – once you live with them you may want to upgrade to the fancy expensive ones!

DIY Guitar Wall Hanger – Update December 2017:

So after mounting these hangers my husband added 4 more.  They worked great.  As mentioned in the above tutorial – depending on the type of wall hook you buy you will benefit from vinyl hosing or some other solution (perhaps black duct tape).  What happens if you do not put anything on a standard home depot “grip tape” type wall hook is with the humidity changes the wood breathes and so does the porous grip tape stuff on a standard hook.  If your hook is not a grip tape type material you might be okay – when testing out different hooks at home depot – seriously keep in mind that your instrument is going to go on and off that hook a number of times – so whatever the wall hook is made out of – make sure little bits of gooey stuff doesn’t come with it.

We had these hanging in our house until early last year.   My husband ended up buying guitar wall hangers from a music shop – they lock and swivel which is important for him and his collection – after 4 years he took down the diy hooks and upgraded to Hercules hooks.  He also bought a 5 guitar stand because he likes a few “laying around” – a five guitar stand could easily be done with PVC piping.  Perhaps a great idea for a future diy post!

If you are going to buy a hook from home depot I recommend one with vinyl coating like the one by Everbilt for less than a dollar and should keep your instrument safe from the goey stuff if you choose to go the diy route!