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DIY No-Sew Toddler Tutu

Updated: DIY No Sew Unicorn Tutu

Back in the day I made a zillion baby and toddler tutus and sold them on EBay and Kijiji for a little extra spending cash.  Here are some examples.  For the DIY, scroll down!









Now, I just make them for friends and family!  I still love making them.  I made this one recently for my Electricians daughter, and I thought I’d share a little DIY….

DIY toddler/baby tutu

First, you need to determine the size of tutu you are making… I’ve always used this chart as a guide:

NEWBORN:(0-6 months) 15-16″ waist ~ 5-6″ length
INFANT: (6-12 months) 16-17″ waist ~ 6-7″ length
TODDLER:(12-24 months)17-18″ waist ~ 8-9″ length
PRESCHOOL:(2T-4T) 19-20″ waist ~ 9-11″ length
CHILD:(4-6 YRS) 21-22″ waist ~ 11-13″ length

When you buy your ribbon, make sure to get at least an 1 1/2″ ribbon.  You want sturdy ribbon becasue it takes a beating.  Don’t use wired ribbon.  It doesn’t work (just trust me on this one!!)

To measure and cut your ribbon, determine the waist size, and then add and additional 20″ or so (I like to have a long bow).

Once cut – from one end, measure 10″ and tie a knot, and from the other end measure 10″ and tie another knot.

The space between the knots, is where you are going to tie your tulle.  The extra ribbon on either end becomes your ties for a bow.

Now, time to measure and cut your tulle.  If you are making a ton of tutus, buy your tulle online (I always bought it at  Even with Canadian shipping, it was cheap).  You will save a ton of cash and make a tutu for next to nothing.  I haven’t shopped online for tulle in about 2 years, so there may be something better out there now.

Now that I just do one by one, I buy my tulle at Michaels using my 40% off coupon you get in the weekly flyer.  If you get a deal on ribbon, your tutu will cost about $10.  For this DIY tutu, I used 50 yards.  It was for an 18 month old, and was about 10″ in length.

Okay, back to cutting.  Determine the length of tutu you want, and cut your tulle at double the length.  Example, you tutu is going to be 5″ in length, cut 10″ pieces.  Start by cutting about 50 pieces, that’s the minimum you’ll need.  Cut more as needed.

I always put 2 pieces of tape on my table in the length I am cutting.  Makes it easy.


Cut away, but watch out for crazy cats.  They love tulle.

Time to tie the knots.  It’s just a simple slip knot.



Most important thing is to tie your knots tight!! I usually tie my knots in the middle of the ribbon and then slide it to the end by the knot.

(Don’t get confused… I just flipped the tutu over here.  I find it easier this way.)  This pic has about 7 knots.  See how I tie in the middle, then slide to the end.

This is after about 15 knots

Just keep going… from one side of the ribbon to the next.


Keep going from one knot on your ribbon to the next.  Once you are done, use the left over ribbon on each end to tie a pretty bow.

Let me know if you make a tutu… can’t wait to see it!  And, if you have any questions, leave me a comments!!