It’s been a while.

I know I haven’t written in a while, but I haven’t been so motivated these days.  The move was tough.  I was devastated to leave the country life, and when I got into this place, it was nasty.  The previous owners left crap in every drawer and cupboard.  There was grease and dust everywhere and rice….rice everywhere!  EWWW! I had to clean out under the sinks and throw out old lotion bottles and bandaids from the bathrooms.  Nasty stuff.  So needless to say, my motivation to ‘joyously’ share my moving experience on my blog has been zip.

But, it’s been a few weeks now and things are looking up.  I’ve cleaned the house – my nose is burnt from breathing in so much bleach.  I’ve fix a few things like the shelving in our closets and the door knobs that have no function.  And I have to admit I LOVE this house.  It’s my favourite out of all 10.  It’s severely outdated, but I can’t wait to touch every room.  And, I love the area.  We aren’t in the centre of Burlington, so when I do my shopping I’m not amongst the soccer mom’s and their nannies.  I’m in  a mature part of town where it’s very quiet during the day.  I think I am going to like it here.  I know the kids will.

The first project I have undertaken is my kitchen.  I’ll do a big post another day with all of the changes. I been sewing my brains out and I got to use my chop saw.  Good stuff.  I’ll share my projects soon.

This week, I hope to finish my kitchen mini makeover and on to the exterior.  I have guys coming to quote for a new front door, garage door, shutters and fence.  Number 1 priority – the fence.  I am so sick of look at my neighbour with his shirt off.  He reminds me of Kevin James.  Anyway, stay tuned… lots of good stuff to com 🙂