Grandma Hluchy’s Great Rice

I think I am subscribed to some 75 different blogs and shopping websites.  Every morning, I wake up and shuffle through my emails to see if anything interesting catches my eye.  Today, I see in the subject line “Grandma Hluchy’s Great Rice”… Cha Ching…Jackpot.

A slovak recipe from Grandma Hluchy’s kitchen beats any home decor update any day!  THANK YOU AUNTIE VIOLET.  I’ll be attempting this recipe tomorrow for dinner.

Thought I’d share..

Grandma Lookey’s Rice

March 1982 revisited June 18, 2012

Fry Onions and Oil, when onions are translucent add a bit of butter

Wash & Drain 1 cup of rice

Fry for 5 minutes – add Salt & Pepper, nutmeg and ginger (Nice
little pinches)

Boil 2 cups of water

Add water to rice – cover, turn off element, and let it sit for ½ hour
(or til rice is done)

You can add a chicken boullion to the boiling water for more

When rice is done, fluff it up and add parsley flakes, fresh or dried
for a nice look and