A few updates in the Kicthen

So, it’s been about 4 weeks and I am finally settled in the new house.  I LOVE this house and I LOVE the area.  Unfortunately, the house needs quite a bit of TLC.  I wake up every morning thinking ‘I wanna do this and I wanna do that today…. and this, and this, and this, and this”…!  So much to do and so little energy!!!

We aren’t planning any major reno’s just yet.  We’ve had quite a few changes in the last few months (who am I kidding?  the last few years), so we are trying to take it one step at a time.  Like ‘normal’ people.  A new door, wait a bit….then maybe a new bathroom…then maybe a new fence, shutters, garage door, countertop, roof, laundry room, basement…. hahaha No need to do it all at once like we have been doing in the past.  I really want to enjoy this house and bring it back to life slowly, but surely.

So lately, I’ve been doing some cosmetic fixes that make the home feel more like “me”.  I’m putting my personal touch on a few things and decorating, rather than renovating.

First, the kitchen…

A few “befores”….

There is nothing I can do about the pink countertop.  It’s corian, and super durable…It’s going to stay until I do a few reno.  Also not changing the backsplash.  My goodness that thing is plastered in there so good the entire wall will come down if I try and remove it.  Not interested in that much of a project.  The fridge needs to stay because it’s built in, but I’ll be replacing the cook top, oven and dishwasher sooner than later.  So nasty cooking on someone else’s appliances….

So, with a new banquette, knobs, faucet and window treatments…I actually like my kitchen (for now!)

The new knobs I got on ebay for a steal… all 50 of them for just $80 (with shipping).  Way better than the gold crystal ones!!  Ryan installed the new faucet for me.  Limited options since the layout of the sink is so odd.  I wasn’t about to change the bar faucet since I’ll be ripping that out one day.

I sewed the window treatments with valances I had from the old house in Jarvis.  I like how they turned out.  Ideally, I’d have some nice roman blinds, but I’ll do something fancy when I do a reno.  Nothing beats FREE!!!

The biggest change was the banquet… I’ll do up a “How-To” post next.  Took a lot of work, but I loved building it with my Dad!

Hope you like my first mini update!!!