DIY Kitchen Banquette



My original plan with this banquette was to just make covers for the pink cushions.  BUT, when I took them off to give them a good clean, I literally had to peeeeel them off.  BARF.  The underside of them all were covered in grease and rice.  No joke.  It was so nasty.  So, I put gloves on, put them in the back of my van, and brought them to the dump.  EWWWWW.

On to plan B… Call my Dad!

First, I made a stencil with kraft paper of the 3 pieces I wanted to make.

Then, I headed to Pop’s house to go lumber shopping and cut our plywood to size and get Baba to watch the kiddies while I go fabric hunting…  My Favourite thing on earth to do!!

At home, I cut the foam to size and used spray adhesive to adhere it to the plywood.

Next, I layed out my fabric and batting and went bananas stapling.  I knew 2 years in Cut ‘n Paste school would come in handy.

Every great piece of art needs a signature!

Flip it over, put it in place and admire my hard work…
Can’t forget to sew 100 pillows to match.

I love how it turned out.  The best part, is that when I get bored of the fabric, I can rip it off and re-staple a new pattern.  Super Easy.  I also chose an Outdoor fabric.  My kids have spilled everything imaginable already, and it beads right off.  Awesome!


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