1955 Kerns Rd.

I finally got my new house numbers up. And, I love them.  I knocked the old ones off from above the garage in like 2 seconds.  They were pretty nasty.  Some dinky plastic things and there was spider nests behind them.  Yuck.  I sanded down the wood and then painted over the section where they were.

Front Of House
It’s like they never existed.

Then I drilled in my new ones.

Front Of House

Front Of House

Weird what a difference new house numbers can make.

Hopefully this weekend, Ryan will get up our new light fixture.  It’s been 2 weeks.  My max is 4, then I hire someone.

I really wanted the iron house numbers from Restoration Hardware.  They weren’t too pricey, but I thought I’d double check EBay first.  And what do ya know, I got my beauty numbers for half the price, and they are way nicer than RH.  ALWAYS, check ebay before you buy anything!!!

Still got a lot of work to do outside.  I’ve ordered my new door, but it’ll be 8 weeks before it gets here.  I’m going to do a post about local door shopping soon.  I also have a solid plan for my exterior.  Can you believe I finally have a plan!  I had a little designer help, but I am confident that it’s going to look amazing.  I just need a wee bit of cash to get ‘er all done…haha…just a wee bit.  wink wink honey.