Now that I had shared all of the pics of the new house, I get to post about some of my most favourite things… Usually under the category, DETAILS.  I love the little details.  To me, a decor project is never finished until every last detail is addressed.

One of my most favourite details in a home are the door knobs.  I replaced all the door knobs on the farm and it cost me a pretty penny.  I wanted all black levers, so I forked over the dough, but it changed the entire look of the house.  I think the new house in Burlington has all gold levers.  Yuck.  Looks like I will have to change all of the knobs once again, because no, I will not paint them.  Here are some of my favourites.

Anthropologie Tea House Door Knob ($38)
Weiser Ashfield from Home Depot ($50)

Nostalgic Warehouse Dart Crystal ($50-$150)