The Family Room

Ah, the family room.  Also known as the only room in the house the kids are allowed to destroy. 
Our 4th bedroom upstairs will be the official toy room, but this will be the kids TV room.  This room is attached to the kitchen and will house our current “loft” furniture.  A couch, love seat, chair and TV.  How we are going to fit it all in that space is beyond me.  Although the room is quite large, the layout is awkward because of all the doors and the fireplace. When I try and picture this room all done up, it hurts my brain.  I have absolutely NO idea what I want this room to look like.  It’s one of those spaces that will have to wait… I am sure it will speak to me one day.

A few things I love about this room…  the ceiling beams.  They are beautiful and bring a rustic feel to an other wise quite formal home.  I also love the stone fireplace with the barn beam mantle.  Unfortunately, it has a dated fireplace insert.  Did you know those things can run $2k to replace…. I found some heat resistant spray paint so I can paint the thing black.  At least give it an update.  That’ll be a DIY blog entry one day!!!

You can see the double french doors which lead to a beautiful sun room.  Now, the sun room… I totally have BIG ideas for!!

The only windows in the room are the french doors, so I will have to be creative with lighting and colours to really brighten up the place.  I still have no idea… we’ll see!!

Family Room
Family Room

Family Room