We’re Moving Again… yes, AGAIN.

I moved in with my husband 10 years ago, so I guess it’s only fitting that we attempt move #10 this year.  That’s right, you heard correct; we are moving again.  I know, I annoy myself.

Ryan and I have been trying to get this whole ‘life’ thing right for the last 10 years now.  I thought I had finally found my place when we moved to the farm, but that proved to be untrue… then I built my dream home, in my dream town and I thought for sure this was it.  But life seems to always throw me a curve ball just when I think I have it all down.  What’s the curve ball you ask?  Well, it’s medical and kinda personal… But, I can tell you when my brother and his wife announced they were having twins this fall, my curve ball wasn’t feeling so curvy.  And to boot, my best friend is expecting in July. 

And so, I’m waving my white flag to my-so-called-country-life and moving back to Burlington.  Ah, Burlington.  Red lights.  Can’t wait.  Buuuut, It’s also where 3 bundles of joy await my smothering hugs and kisses. 

On to the good stuff…another move means another house.  Friends – meet 1955 Kerns Rd.  My new canvas as of June 13th, 2012.  I walked into this house and secretly knew it was the one.  The house needs a major facelift, but that’s the kind of stuff that I LOVE!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be blogging about updating my new home.  I’ll share pics of the new house with ideas and inspirations and can’t wait to hear your feedback.  My first project is the exterior. 

Stay tuned xoxo

New House Pic

New House Pic 2

P.S. If you’re wondering about my dream home here in Waterford, it sold in 2 days to a nice executive couple who loved the house so much they got suckered into paying full pop.  Enjoy….