Powder Room’s are made for WALLPAPER!!

The one thing I seriously regret about the house we built in Waterford, was not having a powder room.  I chose 2 extra mudroom closets instead.  Because really, who uses a powder room?  Guests… oh yea, I have so many of those!!  Anyway, the only reason I regret not having a powder room, is because powder room’s were made for wallpaper.. and I LOVE wallpaper.

Check out the powder room in our new Burlington house…. ready… don’t laugh….

Wallpaper Swatch

This won’t last long.  The vanity is in great shape so I’ll just be replacing the counter top, with a new sink and faucet.  Add a new mirror and light fixture… and ta da.  But first, I must choose the wallpaper.

I love powder rooms, becuase you can go bananas with whatever wall paper you like.  No need to worry about making the room look too small or too colourful.  It’s a dinky room to begin with.  Go crazy.

My favourite site for wall paper… Graham & Brown

Here are some of my favourites.

Wallpaper Swatch
$25/roll Monsoon Lucille: Taupe

Wallpaper Swatch
$155/roll (eesh) Kinky Vintage: Bordeaux Bordello

Wallpaper Swatch
$75/roll Vitality Floral: Pink

Wallpaper Swatch
$85/roll Kelly Hoppen Tattoo: Charcoal

I also like to shop wallpaper at Lowes.  You can special order anything from Wallpaper Studio.  The best part about Wallpaper Studio, is that most wallpaper is prepasted (HUGE difference is application), you can view samples in store, and it’s much cheaper.  Usually around $40-60 roll.  At that price, you can change it up every few years, and afford to do something super trendy.  Here are my fav’s for my powder room….

Wallpaper Swatch
Wallpaper Swatch
SKU#: LW1340710

 I LOVE wallpaper!!!