This whole lighting adventure has gone on way too long!!!  I finally made up my mind on these awesome, dramatic black lanterns from Thomasville for the foyer and dining room, but just as my luck goes, I get one in the mail and the other is discontinued.  Back to square one.

Here are my FINAL picks.  They should be delivered Nov. 26th.  We’ll see.


Dining Room

They better be the same colour when I get them!

And I got 2 of these for above the garage doors.  To match the copper above the dining room window.

And for the grand finale… I got 3 of these for my kitchen from WestElm(.com).  Gorgeous mercury glass pendants.  They make me so happy..heehee

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  1. I love the garage lights!!! That's a brilliant idea to match up the copper…..I never would have thought of it. The other lights are going to look very warm and cozy. I can't wait to see them all put together. Great choices!

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