The Grass Really Is Greener

It finally looks like a home and it’s calling my name. 
Hopefully the exterior will be completed this week.
-The door needs to be fully painted
-2 more copper fixtures on either side of the door which are backordered until the end of teh week 🙁
-The copper window top above the dining needs to be installed
-2 shutters need to be painted and installed on both windows at the side of the garage.  Same colour as the front door.

What do you think of my colour choices now that they are in person?  Of course, I have second thoughts about what I chose.  I wish the garage doors were a little darker, but I can paint them.  And I hate the windows.  The praire style is ugly, I should have gone with a more craftsman style, but lesson learned.  The windows were one of the first things I chose.

I also wish I spent more time on the details.  Like I may have the window trim a darker colour where there is stucco, but I chickened out and had them mix it the exact colour of the stucco.

I also wish I the front door was squared off, not arched.  It doesn’t match the house.  Nothing is arched…everything is square.  Oh well.  I still wuuuuv my house 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Grass Really Is Greener

  1. Cait it all looks amazing….I love the arch – it adds more interest rather than just all boxy…..and the garage doors are perfect….they blend in – you don't want them to advertise what they are!! That's what I heard anyhow. But for real – it's perfect – everything is perfect, even the windows. You have had to micro manage this whole thing, now step back and take a look from a distance. It's gorgeous!!

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