16 Davis st., Jarvis

So, we have finally listed our temporary house in Jarvis.  I put a lot of work into this house to get it ready for a sale.  I’d love to keep it and rent it out, but Ryan says “neeeooooooo waaaay”.  I keep forgetting we are trying to simplify our lives.

Things I will miss about this place:  The huge fenced in yard, the 2 minute walk to the LCBO, and Carley!

Anyway, here are a few pics of the Davis house. 

Front Exterior


Foyer Before!

A coat of paint can really brighten up a place
I have no idea what this room is supposed to be.  A hanging fixture means dining room, but it has carpeting???  So confused.

Play room it is!
These people loved diarrhea colours.  And it was soooooo dirty.

Some Ikea curtains and cheap ebay curtain rods freshen up the place and look CLEAN!

Finally not scared to walk down this hall.  Paint really brightened it up!
kitchen before!

Just needed a fresh coat of paint and some new curtains.  I know I should totally change the light, but I am not dropping another penny into this place!

Grace’s Room

James’s room.  This room is actually quite big!

The kids bath
Ensuite shower before.  Ewwww, mold

Ensuite before.  So gross.

AFTER!!!  The ensuite bathroom was so gross!!!  New vanity top from Lowes (just $100), a new shower and mirror.

The Master Bedroom.

I hate sleeping on the floor.  I miss my bed 🙁

The basement.  I ran out of paint (and energy).  Otherwise, I would have painted this room as well.  Mind you, I don’t think there is much helping it.
Basement Bath.  New mirror, coat of paint and a good clean

New shower in the basement bath.  The ensuite shower is identical.

Wish us luck.  Fingers crossed it sells.

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