The Shit hole – wooops, I mean Rental!

(Some names in this post may be changed to protect their disgusting habits)
So, here we are in the “rental property”.  I usually call it the “shit hole”, but to remain optimistic, I’ll refer to it as the “rental” for now. 

Here’s the coles note version of how we came across this place.  The “Williams” decided to make an attractive offer on our farm, conditional on them selling their house in Jarvis.  We accepted, and found a beautiful home in Waterford to buy.  We wanted to rush our deal and get a closing date of August 30th, in order to get in the new house, just in time for school.  So, we decided to scoop up the “Williams” home in Jarvis in order to close our deal and also buy the home in Waterford.  The Jarvis home would be a great rental property and hopefully bring in some money.  So, the circle of deals was done…… until, the 48th hour when the house in Waterford fell through.

You see, the Waterford house already had a conditional offer – conditional on this other couple selling their crap farm house that had already been on the market for 2 years.  Sure enough, they went back on their word and forked up the dough to buy the Waterford house.  How they are floating 2 houses right now is beyond me, but whatever.  They are jerks.  They said they’d give us the house,and then they went back on their word, basically screwing us.

Slav, the owner of the Waterford house, just happened to be the owner/builder of Landstar Homes.  He felt so bad that our deal went sour, that he offered to built us a house in the new subdivision adjacent to the one his house was in.  But, it wouldn’t be ready until November 30th.  We were forced to proceed with the deal with the “Williams” and here we are.  We switched homes.  I am sure the “Williams” are just delighted to move from this shit hole into my precious farm house, but me – not so happy.

This place needs some serious TLC.  Although this is a fair size and has huge potential, the “Williams” just didn’t take care of it.  It’s dirty and needs some serious love.

Did you follow that whole story???

I’m hoping to dump just $2000 into a cosmetic face lift and get this place either rented or sold once we move out.  Between my, my Mom and Mom-in-law’s basement, I know I can dress it up nice.   But the DIY projects I have planned, are already proving to be more difficult and costly than I imagined.

We just tried to rip off the shower door – replace it with a fancy
shower curtain, and half the tiles fell off because they were full of
mold.  Eeeeeesh.  This is going to be quite the challenge house.

But I’M UP FOR IT!!!! stayed tuned!!!!

24 thoughts on “The Shit hole – wooops, I mean Rental!

  1. You forgot to mention the yellow jacket nest that went down four feet inside and below the front stoop. I am sure that they noticed – there are enough cigarette butts in the garden to give a small animal emphysema. I think they took a few light bulbs and a smoke detector, but, they were nice enough to leave us their medicine cabinet and garbage cans.

  2. I'm jealous. We had no light fixtures, mirrors, lawn or driveway. However, they did leave dog pee, weeds, dirt, smell AND ripped or chewed window screens and porch from 5 dogs. Dog hair was 3 inches thick under the fireplace.

    Food and medicine would have been preferable. We wish they had left us some garbage cans – it would have been helpful – their garbage was piled at the side of the house that included dishes, a mattress and bedding and empty cans of food. Gross.

    Don't people have any pride? Maybe things just don't work the same as in the city. hmmph.

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