Construction Begins…

Ohhhhhh, I am so excited.  Finally I am seeing progress on the new house.  I am certainly a little concerned with the November 30th deadline, but apparently he hasn’t missed a deadline yet…. we’ll see!

This is our street.  It’s a court, so there won’t be much traffic.  Can you see the pumpkin patch?!?!

Our lot.  It looks so dinky. That’s our backyard for the next 2 years or so.  Then, they will start building some more houses behind us.  Luckily, the lot behind us is pie shaped, and majority of the houses are bungalows, so lack of privacy isn’t as much of an issue as it was in our old hood in the ‘burbs. 

This is a better view of the court.  There will be nothing built between the yellow hydrant and the pumpkin patch.  It’s all green space.  Perfect, pure, beautiful country green space.

Our front view.  There will be another house directly in front of us, but again, noting to the left of the hydrant and beyond. 

3 thoughts on “Construction Begins…

  1. That dig is at least 3 feet below grade.. so even though it looks like a shallow hole, it is really 4 something like 4 feet deep. The basement should have some good size windows which will be nice.

  2. It's good to be the tallest house – you can see their yard, but they can't see yours……you can always look "down" at them 🙂 It's fun.

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