Back to School

I met one of my best friends 10 years ago when we were in College together.  No doubt, we were the worst students in the class – we were more interested in gossiping about our classmates and making fun of our annoying teachers.  We spent more time at the pub than we did doing homework, but needless to say, it was a blast and one of the most memorable times in my life. 

We were chatting on the phone this summer and she said “let’s do it again”!!!!

So here we are today, in week 2 of our new class.  It’s simply Floral Design, but there was no way the 2 of us, in the same class, would be successful at anything more complicated!!  It’s a 10 week certificate course at Mohawk college in Hamilton, and it can lead to an actual diploma if we continue and complete another 5 certificates. 

I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying myself. Getting out of the house for a few hours every Tuesday night is much needed in my life right now and there are plenty of odd balls in my class to gossip about later. heehee.

Each week, we have to complete an arrangement, so I thought I’d share them on my blog. 
Here’s my first one.  No laughing.  I got 20/25…. unfortunately, so did my BF – I was really hoping to kick her ass!!!!!!!!