Shopping in my PJs

My most favourite time of the month is when I open up my mailbox and see my monthly magazines in the mail.  Today, I got my Country Living magaizne.  I poured a glass of wine, took the kids outside and relaxed.  I’ll read every page and sticky note any page that has an interesting webiste.  Once the kids are in bed, I’ll pour another glass and visit each and every interesting webiste.  If I have another glass, I may order a few too many things, so I try and keep it light!

The most beautiful, colourful kitchen pieces that will compliment any one’s country kitchen.  Read the company’s history…it is so intriguing!  I heard of this company many years ago, and to see it again in a magazine this month, makes me believe even more, that timeless pieces really are timeless.

I had a brass bed growing up.  I remember my mom picking it out of someone’s garbage or some random garage sale when I was really little.  It sat in my basement for years until my mom some how got inspired to bring it back to life.  I remember her scrubbing it for hours on end…with toothbrushes and tiny cloths.  It was my bed for many years, and I have no idea what happened to it.  I’m not a fan of brass beds, but something about them brings me back to my pre-teen years.  Maybe I’ll get one for Grace one day.

This site has the most beautiful beds.  Not sure I would ever order one because they cost a fortune, but it’s a great resource for some inspiration.

I love stumbling across websites that have completely unique pieces.  Stuff you’ll never find in stores and that will have people asking “where did you get that”.  I found this website eons ago in Real Simple magazine.  I have yet to order anything, since I am as frugal as they come, but I am always clicking on the “outlet” section.  P.S. Don’t forget to request a catalogue!

I have this ongoing list in my email called “XMas Gifts”… It’s a list of gift ideas I come across throughout the year.  I know, I’m weird…. But you’ll be jealous once December 1st comes around and you have no idea what to get anyone!!!  Anyway, I just added this website to my list for a certain someone that just happens to love their pooch as much as I do!   A tree stump dog dish…How cute?!?!?

I think this is just a genius idea.  Take a plain, old mirror and give it life…. a customized life to say the least!  Since I have been married, I have moved 7 times (the new house will be my 8th)…. and in that time I have collected quite a few ugly, staple bathroom mirrors.  I’ve never been able to say goodbye to them, and they have always just sat in my closet.  Now I have a way to dress them up and make them my own.  I am very excited to use this site once I move in.

Feel like shopping in China Town, but not willing to make the trip to NYC?  This is the site.  The shipping is a little sketchy here, but you will not find more beautiful Chinese print fabrics any where else. 

Happy Shopping!!!