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This morning I made the trip to Patene in Brantford ( to pick out the exterior stone, brick and roof for the new house.  I had a great salesman named Peter to give me a hand.  I had the poor guy dragging samples all over the showroom to make sure I made the right choice.

I absolutely did not want anything too bland.  I am not a fan of houses that have the same colour everything – all gray brick, stone, roof, etc…  Everything had to match the copper window roof, but too matchy, matchy…. I wanted something with a bit of contrast, and something that no one else has… But, I don’t want my house to stick out.  (My Mom bugs me all the time – “you get mad when some one comments on your new hair cut, but if they don’t say anything, you get mad as well”…bahahah, that’s me!)

Anyway, I spent hours last night looking through photos for inspiration.  I picked out a beautful Cultured Stone Country Ledgestone, but of course Peter tells me it’s an upgrade and will set me back at least $5-10k.  No thanks. 

I ended up choosing a beautiful Lafitt stone in a new colour called “Berkley Brown”.  A Paisley brick in “Old Ashfield”, and a Timberline shingle in “Barkwood”.

The brick was an upgrade, but I convinced him to just give it to me!!!

The final samples.
Lafitt stone in “Berkley Brown”

Example of Lafitt Stone.  Not my colour though!!

Another example of Lafitt Stone.

And one more!
Timberline shingle in “Barkwood”

Example of the “Barkwood” shingle

Can you imagine all of this with carriage style garage doors, copper window roof and a bold colour front door.  ohhh, I can’t wait!!

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