Most Favourite Washroom

Bathroom Vanity
Bathroom Window
Bathroom Shower Curtain
View Of Entire Bathroom
Yellow Walls With Art

This room, along with many of my friends, is my absolute favourite room in the farm house. I searched for months for the perfect shower curtain, wall decor, and door knobs. The new shower itself took just over a week to complete, but it took me a lot longer than that to finish up all of the details…painting the walls, refinishing the vanity, painting the molding, and fixing up the old mirror. Every hour was worth it, because this room screams sunshine. Every time I walk in it, I get in a good mood!!!

This is the kids bathroom, so I knew I could get away with doing something crazy colourful. The first thing I thougt of was Amy Butler. Her fabric designs are cheerful, colourful and full of life. I found the shower curtain, matching valance, and matching hand towels at

I then got to work on the new shower. I picked a simple white subway tile because I knew it was neutral enough to work around – we all know I’ll get bored in a year and change everything!!!
I refinished the vanity mirror by painting it and distressing it with sandpaper. And added some final touches that I was lucky enough to score at Home Sense.

One of the best finds was the toilet paper holder and towel rack. They were less than $30 for the 2. What a deal.

Oh My Goodness – How could I forget to mention my prized door knobs!!! These things took me forever to find! I wanted a dramatic, overstated knob for the vanity, and look what I found. Can you believe I can across these at Home Sense. Totally random, I was in line paying for a few other things, and there they were. Sitting, abandoned at a cash. Just enough for my vanity. I scooped them up and they now have a loving home! One of my most favourite finds EVER!

Hope you like my kids bathroom as much as they do!

I’ll track down the paint can and post the paint colour.