Floor Plans Are In

I’m building my dream home! This is absolutely a dream come true for me. The house is in Waterford, Ontario and is scheduled to be completed November 30th, this year. Unfortunately, we are closing on the farm house August 30th, so we’ll be moving into one of our rental properties in Jarvis for 3 months. A little inconvenient, but well worth it!!! We are working with Landstar Homes. A fellow Ukrainian that has standards on par with mine.

I can’t believe the floor plans are here already. I’m posting the original plan without our changes. We have a revised, hand drawn rough copy, and once it’s drafted up properly, I’ll post it.

1 thought on “Floor Plans Are In

  1. I hope you get one of those old trees that have been left in the survey. Also, if the builder doesn't include your walkway I know someone who does amazing work with colored and tinted cement.

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