Fit For a Princess

White Wooden Bed

I am so proud of the bedroom I created for my Princess Grace. I really had no inspiration for this room, I just kind of winged it, and it turned out beautiful. Grace loves her room and I know she is going to miss it as much as I will. I’ll just have to make her next room even more spectacular!!!

If I weren’t moving, I’d paint the trim white, and who knows, maybe even the floor.

Fit For a Princess
Fit For a Princess
Light Fixture

A few details…

  • Chandelier from Canadian Tire ($99)
  • Floral Mirror Decal from Len’s Mill Store ($14)
  • Curtains from Ikea ($39/pair)
  • Chinese Lanterns from Ebay (just pennies and free shipping right from China!)
  • Bedding from Target ($160)
  • Bed Skirt from ($25)
  • Crystal Closet Door from ($14/ea, I used 4)
  • Crystal Curtain behind bed ($22)
  • “Couture” print, frames, feather wreath, floral all from Home Sense

I love the DIY projects in this room. The light switch/outlet covers were really simple to make. I ordered the mirror covers on Ebay. They were a third of the price at Home Depot. I ordered the crystal stickers on EBay as well. They are actually cell phone stickers. They didn’t even cost me a dollar!!! I love how they turned out, but I actually broke one installing it. The mirror is so delicate and I tightened the screw just a tad to tight and smashed it. Frustrating!

I had an ugly floor lamp from Ikea collecting dust in my garage so I decided to spray paint it white. I picked up a cheap lamp shade and some feather boas from Len’s Mill Store in Port Dover. I think the feather boas were $4 each and I bought 3. I just glue gunned them around the shade and hung some extra crystals I had from the chandelier. I love it. Too bad the lamp is a piece of junk and doesn’t work anymore!!!! Poor Grace is always tugging at the switch and saying “It’s broken”.

A few special things are in this room. The “Grace” letters and growth chart were hand made by my Dad. Can you see the crystal sitting on the shelf? It’s from my brother’s wedding. And the dream catcher is from Auntie Baba. Ryan won’t let me hang it in the window!!!

I love this room and plan on taking everything with me to the new house to recreate Grace’s Princess room. Maybe I’ll go peach instead of purple this time. Who knows!!