And so it begins…

This morning I spent 3 hours meeting with my builder and his agent.  It was overwhelming, intimidating, and all around nerve racking, but I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it!  I never knew just how many details I would be responsible for.  I don’t know what colour I want the bars in the side window of my front door.  But,  how cool is it that I get to pick that out!

We went room by room and agreed on every last detail.  This poor builder will make $5 bucks off this house if he’s lucky….I warned him I had good taste!!!

Here are a few details we decided on today!  I can’t wait to see it all complete! 

Garage Door
Garage Doors – These are custom doors so I don’t have the exact picture.  It’s this door, but square windows.  I’m still not sure on the colour.  I’ll have to wait until I choose the stone and stucco.  I’m thinking something like BM Mediterranean Olive.  We’ll see!!

The Staircase – The spindles are white wood (not the iron) and the stained steps and railing will match the hardwood flooring.  I just love the chunky pillars.  They are going to look great with the interior doors.
 Interior Doors – Masonite Anniversary Collection Riverside Smooth
Wood Moulding
Molding for all Interior Doors
Great Room
The Fireplace – The stone won’t be going all the way to the ceiling.  It will stop just above the mantle, but you get the gist.  There is a window on either side of the fireplace, and if I had the stone to the ceiling, I’d have to sacrifice the windows.  Not going to happen.  I’ll compromise this one time!!!  I love the white mantle against the textured stone.  And I definitely wanted to stone step, I don’t like when the stone is built into the floor.  Can’t wait to see how it turns out.