How to Paint an Antique Upholstered Chair

  Did you know that you can actually paint upholstery using House&Canvas Furniture Paint??!?!  And, it’s super easy!  Just as easy as painting a regular piece of furniture. Check out this amazing chair I purchased from Rescued and Restored In…

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Obsessed With Knobs And Pulls

I have a confession… I’m absolutely obsessed with furniture hardware!! I absolutely love bright and shiny new knobs or pulls on a new piece of furniture. Back in the day, whenever I used to come across unique hardware, I’d buy…

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Furniture Upcycle Challenge Update

  I’m so excited to be participating in the Habitat For Humanity Upcycle Challenge at this year’s Toronto Fall Home Show.  Remember that awesome hallway piece I scored a few weeks ago?? I’ve been working hard on giving it the…

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7th Annual Upcycle Challenge

I am SO excited to be a part of this year’s Upcycle Challenge at the Toronto Fall Home Show presented by Habitat for Humanity.   Each year, the Toronto Home Show invites decor and DIY experts to participate in the challenge…

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