House&Canvas is a brand dedicated to creating products of the highest quality for the best price. Our line of Furniture Paint was developed based on 11 years of mixing different paints and colors to try and get an optimal effect.

House&Canvas has been in operation since 2011 – it was born out of founder Cait Geddes’s blog “MyHouseMyCanvas”. Through years of custom work, consignment, workshops and experimenting – we have created a furniture paint that is easy to work with, has excellent coverage and we have some of the best paint colors around – each one custom designed by Cait.

All of our paint is low VOC. Our chemists, manufacturing facility and packaging is proudly 100% Canadian.

Our brushes were custom designed by Cait Geddes and were manufactured by one of our partners in the United States. All of our brushes are 100% Made In USA from quality white and undyed Hog Hair.

We are currently looking for retailers interested in our line of products – please contact us for more information.

We operate a retail shop in downtown Burlington. We offer custom painted furniture services, furniture paint and wax top coats, one-of-a-kind furniture, home decor, gifts, classes and workshops. If your in the area – we’d love you to visit!