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Choose your color with ease and confidence with our simplified palette of professionally curated colors designed to match any decor. 


Protect your freshly painted surface with one of our easy-to-use topcoats.  Learn more about Wax vs. Clear Topcoat in our “How-To” section.


Professional-grade brushes are an essential part of every painter’s tool box. We’ve got you covered with our collection of top-quality brushes for your perfect finish.


House&Canvas Furniture Paint is a top-quality, water-based paint that dries to an ultra-matte, chalk finish. Our easy-to-use, self-leveling formula requires no base coat or primer. Ideal for painting all types of furniture, cabinetry, upholstery, walls and other surfaces including veneer, laminate, metal, concrete and plastic. Proudly made in Canada, our paint is non-toxic, with ultra-low VOCs for safe indoor use. Our paint is shipped to your door in our signature, eco-friendly hybrid container available in Pint (16oz) or Quart (32oz) size.


House&Canvas Wax Top Coat is designed to seal and protect your surface while maintaining the ultra-matte finish of our Chalk Finish Furniture Paint.  Our non-yellowing, low-odor, extra soft wax applies easily and dries streak-free.  Tinted waxes add depth and dimension to dark colors or an aged, antique look to light colors.  They are transparent, subtle and buildable, giving you complete color control and can be applied directly to painted surfaces (no need to clear wax first).  Shipped right to your door, you’ll receive our wax in our eco-friendly, recyclable plastic container, designed to perfectly fit our professional grade wax brush.


House&Canvas Clear Topcoat is our most durable topcoat, ideal for high traffic surfaces such as tabletops, kitchen cupboards, and floors.  This water-based, polycarbonate formula adds a layer of protection and supreme durability to your freshly painted surface.  It can also be used on stained and bare wood surfaces.  This household cleaner-friendly topcoat provides UV protection and is resistant to hot and cold water. Our non-yellowing, quick drying formula is low-odor, environmentally friendly and suitable for indoor and mild outdoor use.  Available in Flat or Satin finish.


House&Canvas professional-grade brushes are an essential part of every painter’s tool box.  All of our brushes are made with the highest quality materials and built to last from one project to the next.  Each and every one of our brushes are ergonomically designed for your comfort, support, balance and control.  They all feature a non-slip, unfinished hardwood handle and a rust-resistant, stainless steel ferrule.  Made with quality synthetic bristles that absorb less product making for quick and easy clean-up and less product waste.


We are dedicated to creating simplified, high quality, low price, DIY products so everyone can easily finish their projects with confidence, creativity and ease…

Making your house, your canvas.