We’ve simplified our furniture paint palette to 30 perfectly designed colors that compliment any decor.  Making committing to a paint color easier than ever!

(Please note that colors will vary depending on screen settings)

House&Canvas Furniture Paint is a chalky finish, water based paint formulated with top quality ingredients to be used on just about any surface including veneer, wood, cabinetry, fabric & upholstery.  Proudly Made in Canada, House&Canvas Furniture Paint has a dry time of just one hour, is self-leveling, easy to use and requires little to no prep. No base coat or primer is ever needed.  With ultra low VOC, it’s virtually odourless and can be used indoors.  Our paint is shipped to your door in our signature, eco-friendly and rust-proof  quart size hybrid container that perfectly accommodates our ergonomically designed paint brush.

House&Canvas Furniture Wax Top Coat adds durability and protects your newly painted pieces while maintaining the ultra matte finish of the House&Canvas Furniture Paint.   The super soft texture allows for a quick, easy, streak-free application. Tinted waxes are transparent and subtle and can be applied directly to painted surfaces.  Shipped right to your door, you’ll receive a full pound of wax in our eco-friendly tin can, designed to perfectly fit our natural bristle wax brush.

House&Canvas paint and wax brushes are made from natural hog hair and quality hardwood with a nickel plated steel ferrule to prevent rust. These top quality brushes have strong, yet flexible bristles that provide an ultra smooth finish with little to no brush strokes.  Our handles are ergonomically shaped for comfort and support and are the perfect size for any project, big or small.


We are dedicated to creating simplified, high quality, low price, DIY products so everyone can easily finish their projects with confidence, creativity and ease…

Making your house, your canvas.


"This is by far the best chalk style paint I have used! The wax top coat is my fav! It goes on so easy compared to the others I have tried."
Hamilton, ON
"I was introduced to House&Canvas furniture paint this year, and I'm hooked!! It's so quick and easy, I want to paint everything in my house!"
Toronto, ON
"I'm obsessed with H&C colors!! They are trendy, but classic and I love that I can mix them to make endless colour recipes!"
Oakville, ON